There’s a luminescent, nearly indescribable feeling you get when walking through the Playa, Burning Man’s centre, after sundown. In this empty desert 50,000+ people have joined forces with too much diesel and an endless supply of imagination to, as San Francisco-based artist Jef Stott says, share in this “container for radical self-expression.” The sentiment is so powerful that Stott has devoted the opening song (and many others) to it on his now released new album, ‘Arcana’.

This is an album riddled with Middle Eastern vibes from a creative who lives and breathes with the oud and percussion; add to that, his individual style of writing, composing and producing with authenticity plus the added touch of the modern day wobble or even wiggle, you like me will have the essential modern day ‘Globetronica’ delight on repeat !!!

Also be aware when you hear the opening track ‘Deep Playa’, it will touch you so deep that it will have an ever lasting effect on you, whilst influencing how you embrace the rest of this must-have essential album 🙂