Osiris release

Jef Stott
Osiris/ Quiet Royalty EP 2019

Veteran prolific bass music producer JEF STOTT delivers two powerful tracks on his latest EP Osiris released on Embarka Records/ Six Degrees April 2019. Cover art by Bernart Amygdalah.

is an epic and deep global bass production featuring Stott’s signature sound of ethnic instrumentation fused with powerful festival-ready beats and low end. On this track, Jef returns to the familiar sonic territory of half time beats and massive bass as well as live santoor and percussion (played by Stott himself), shehnai reeds and a passage of an Arabic string ensemble thrown in for good measure. Osiris is an epic uplifting sonic journey with powerful mystical vibes that is perfect for clubs, festivals, Ecstatic dance and ritual.
A deep mystical global bass track.

Quiet Royalty (Requiem for the San Francisco Underground)
began as a commission for tribal belly dance performer and choreographer Jill Parker and her troupe Little Egypt. The dance company was looking for a deeper downtempo track with a somber tone with elements of traditional Arabic rhythmic structures. The piece needed to have the thrust of urban music and a strong narrative arc. Jef turned the track around very quickly and the results are impressive with deep trap inspired beats, a lyrical string section led by somber cellos and viola as well as live ney flute and Middle East percussion played by Stott himself. The cinematic piece was written in the dead of a long Northern California winter and evokes epic journeys across dark and foreboding territory.
A cinematic urban bass track with somber strings, Arabic inspired percussion and live instrumentation.