Featuring a whole host of genres including techno, chill out and the much maligned dubstep to name a few Stott creates a dizzying and mystifying atmosphere within each of his songs. The songs are expansive, airy, and as mysterious as the image on the cover. Fusing all kinds of traditional sounds with modern wobbles, squiggles, and throbs Arcana comes off as a global journey around the dance floor stopping at all ports along the way. Stott does an excellent job of mixing all these sounds together and the songs on Arcana are in a word awesome. The rhythms, the synths, and the sounds they wash over you in a tranquil, serene and mystical way that soothe your soul while finding new ways to move your feet.

As I get older, I think I have more respect for the whole sub-genre of ethno-techno. And if it fuses several genre’s together during its quest for expansion and harmonization even better. That’s where Jef Stott comes in. His latest album Arcana is anything but arcane. In fact it’s rather cutting edge and up to the moment.

Whether it’s dubstep or traditional wind instrumentation Jef Stott isn’t afraid of anything. He’s an explorer and music serves as his unchartered sea. Each sound opens the opportunity for something else, something different and an ability to expand his musical consciousness. Arcana is awesome because of this and it’s the sort of record that while obviously geared to a certain market has more than enough appeal to cross over into new territories. My guess is that’s exactly what Stott wants to do.