Having a degree in anthropology doesn’t necessarily make you a world music star, but in the case of Jef Stott, it seems to have helped. Stott, who helped found the bands Stellamara and Lumin, has spent 10 years in global music, including work as a producer for MC Rai, who provides vocals on two of the tracks on Stott’s debut full-length CD, “Saracen.” Stott put his academic expertise on the Middle East and his skills as a superb mix master to mesmerizing use on the 10 tracks on “Saracen.” There isn’t a bad cut on the disc, but the title song stands out for its richly layered mix of haunting vocals, crisp percussion and moaning bass line. There’s an infectious sense of freedom to Stott’s music, arising from the potent mix of native traditions from many parts of the world with contemporary electronic instrumentation.